In addition to a robust conference agenda packed with over 35 sessions, more than 100 exhibitors and sponsors, unparalleled networking opportunities, plus specialty workshops and field trips to enhance your week, Dam Safety 2017 will feature two Keynote addresses you won't want to miss!

The conference will kick off on Monday, September 11 with a two-part Keynote; Lessons Learned from the Oroville Dam Spillways Failure. Part I will cover the facts leading up to and during the event and will include an overview from the perspective of the investigation team. Speakers include representatives from the California Division of Water Resources and the Division of Safety of Dams, the ASDSO/USSD-appointed Failure Investigation Team, California’s communications office, and ASDSO leaders, plus special guest Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea. Part II will be set up as a panel discussion with the various representatives listed above highlighting their role and thoughts on lessons learned not only as they relate to dam engineering but also to program decision making, emergency management and public awareness and communication. In addition, Part II will include plenty of time for audience drivern Q&A.

Tuesday will begin with another great keynote An Evolving Perspective -Dam Safety and the Impacts of the 1977 Kelly Barnes Dam Failure. At about 1:30 am on the night of November 6, 1977 the Kelly Barnes Dam near Toccoa, Georgia failed. The break sent flood waters down a narrow mountain valley, over a 186 foot high waterfall, and into the campus of Toccoa Falls Bible College and the surrounding area. The flood waters killed 39 people and caused an estimated $2.8 million worth of damage.

In the aftermath a Federal Investigative Board (FIB) was assembled by the Jimmy Carter Administration to determine the probable cause(s) and technical details relating to the failure. The presentation will include firsthand accounts as well as a portion given by Joseph H Rogers, one of the original onsite investigators.

The failure of Kelly Barns Dam forever changed dam safety in the United States. This presentation will look at the setting, the timing and how this small dam impacted a nation. It will review the state of dam safety prior to the failure and how this failure impacted Dam Safety and laid the ground work for the creation of the Association of Dam State Dam Safety Officials.

Trust us, you won't want to miss these. Register now for Dam Safety 2017!