ASDSO recently added four new videos to the 'Dam Owner Academy' series. Dam Owner Academy videos aim to educate and inform owners on all aspects of operating and maintaining a dam safely. They concisely present the critical basics of owner responsibilities and are available as a free resource for owners and those conducting owner outreach programs. You can find new and past videos at and our YouTube channel.

The new videos are:

Emergency Planning.png
Dam Owner Academy: Emergency Planning
The video covers the key components of an Emergency Action Plan and how you can prepare one for your dam.

Extreme Rainfall Events.png
Dam Owner Academy: Extreme Rainfall Events
This video provides an overview of extreme weather, how it can affect your dam, and what you can do to prepare.

Hiring an Engineer.png
Dam Owner Academy: Hiring an Experienced and Qualified Dam Engineer

Hiring a dam engineer can be challenging if you've never done it before. This video should help answer some of your questions and guide you through the process.

Rehab Projects.png
Dam Owner Academy: Rehabilitation Projects
This video provides an overview of rehabilitation projects, when they are needed, and the steps you can take when your dam requires significant repairs or improvements.

Other videos in the series discuss dam inspections, spillways & outlet works, operation and maintenance plans, and dam basics. Additional resources are available at, including more than 20 topic-specific fact sheets. This page is also listed under the 'Resource Center' dropdown above.

You can support our dam owner outreach efforts by adding these videos to your website and newsletters and sharing them with those in your network. If watching on YouTube, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe!