As an association dedicated to pursuing a future where all dams are safe, the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) is proud to support the Proclamation of Low Head Dams Public Safety Awareness Month, issued April 1, 2021.

Each year, dozens of lives are lost at dams on America's waterways. Low head dams are deceptively deadly, and even the strongest swimmers and rescuers wearing the best personal floatation devices have drowned at low head dams. It is critical that we understand the scope of this danger and that the public is made aware of the many ways they can keep themselves safe and avoid a tragedy.

Through the establishment of a Low Head Dams Public Safety Awareness Month, supporting organizations aim to:

  • Spread awareness of the dangers and risks associated with low head dam structures.
  • Spark an interest in public volunteerism to help identify sites throughout the country where these dams are located.
  • Encourage people who recreate on or near water to avoid low head dams both upstream and downstream.

We ask that our members join in by recognizing every April as Low Head Dams Public Safety Awareness Month and by sharing public awareness materials and messages through social media, websites, and public materials in April and throughout the year. Over the coming years, we hope to see growing support of this effort and develop a yearly robust public outreach campaign as part of the awareness month.

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