ASDSO's Dam Safety R&D Database is a searchable repository of cutting-edge dam safety research projects.

Cutting edge research advances the state of practice for national priorities and the areas of dam risk research and management.  With this database, ASDSO aims to make a single central location for the dam safety community to find information on proposed, ongoing, and completed cutting-edge research. Typically, the projects are new or innovative and involve partnerships with universities, the National Science Foundation, or other research institutions.

The ASDSO Dam Safety R&D (research and development) Database includes fields such as principal researchers, sponsoring organizations, and funding. The majority of the database projects are from the last 10 years, and there are more than 90 projects. Most of the research projects were based in the United States; however, select international projects were also included. Additionally, users can often expand beyond a single cutting-edge research project and find links to related publications through links to ASDSO's Dam Safety Resource Database.


  • The ability to search by numerous fields
  • Two search methods: A Basic Search and an Advanced Search
  • Research projects are marked with keywords that correspond to major dam safety areas of study.
  • Users can find publications related to the research projects, such as conference papers and journal articles, through convenient cross-references with ASDSO's Dam Safety Resource Database.

This database was developed in collaboration with the FEMA National Dam Safety Program. ASDSO thanks FEMA for its support of this project.

Visit the ASDSO Dam Safety R&D Database now or find it anytime under the Resource Center dropdown.