A lot happens at ASDSO in a year. Cover_Annual Report_Page_01.png

From July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 alone, ASDSO worked on more than 150 projects. These projects involved efforts from the association’s executive director and staff, committees, task groups, interest groups, and volunteers. Many also required collaboration with our partner organizations. With so much happening, it can be easy to overlook some new efforts and ways to get involved with the association.

The Annual Report is an easy-to-digest overview of ASDSO’s efforts over the fiscal year 2020. We invite you to review the report and discover more about ASDSO as an organization, our efforts to improve dam safety in the United States, and ways to get involved as a member.Web_AR_Progress.png

Some of the highlights from the past year included in the report are the Spencer Dam Failure investigation —  the first dam failure investigation performed solely by ASDSO — the 100th monthly webinar, our first Model Dam Competition, the release of the first dam owner academy video, two new online information databases, and an overview of the media firestorm created from the Associated Press investigation.

Most importantly, the annual report is an opportunity to thank you for supporting our mission. Without the dedication of our membership, ASDSO would not be able to achieve these goals. Together, through these yearly efforts, we can work towards a future where all dams are safe.

Members - See the full report in the Annual Report Archive.