The Dam Owner Academy is a series of videos to educate and inform owners on all aspects of operating and maintaining a dam safely. The videos concisely present the critical basics of owner responsibilities and are available as a free resource for owners and those conducting owner outreach programs.

The new videos are 1) dam inspections, 2) spillways and outlet works, and 3) operation and maintenance plans. All the videos are available at and on our YouTube channel. They are about 10 minutes each and feature Grady Hillhouse as the host. These videos were developed under the Owner Outreach Committee's guidance and are intended to be shared freely. We highly encourage passing the videos along and using them as part of ongoing training.

Over the next few years, ASDSO plans to expand the Dam Owner Academy with additional videos, training, and resources. Many resources are already available at, including more than 20 topic-specific fact sheets and a Dams 101 video. This page is also listed under the 'Resource Center' dropdown above. For future videos, make sure to subscribe to ASDSO's Youtube Channel and check 


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NEW VIDEO Dam Owner Academy: Dam Inspections

NEW VIDEO Dam Owner Academy: Spillways & Outlet Works

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NEW VIDEO Dam Owner Academy: Operation & Maintenance Plans