Concrete Dams Design and Analysis

Concrete Dams Design and Analysis

In large civil engineering projects, knowledge is a key characteristic efficient, economical design, construction, and operation. When the level of knowledge falls, the conservative assumptions increase, and with an increase in conservative assumptions comes an increase in costs. So, it is important to understand to the best of our knowledge, the theories, experiences, and practices past along by our predecessors so that we can be better stewards of the infrastructure.

This seminar will strive to educate professionals in the engineering practice of concrete dams. There will be example problems, which will require participants to perform simplified concrete gravity dam analysis (using excel spreadsheets), and then use the results to evaluate the safety of the structure. In this manner the participants will gain experience the practice of concrete dam engineering.


Learning objectives attendees will receive from this course: 


  • Link historical design philosophies to current practices in concrete dam design.
  • Review past failures and incidents.
  • Summarize the typical loads and load combinations applied to concrete dams.
  • Developing Potential Failure Modes (PFMs) for concrete dams and learning how to use analysis results to assess PFM development
  • Dynamics, understanding earthquake loads and behavior
  • Surveillance and monitoring considerations and concerns
  • Introducing Risk related to concrete dams.



Watch for more details on when this course will be offered next.