Concrete Repair and Maintenance for Dams: Agenda

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction to Webinar and Objectives
  • Concrete Maintenance and Repair Process
    • Seven Steps to follow to improve long term function of repair
  • Typical Causes of Concrete Damage to Hydraulic Structures
    • Poor quality concrete, freeze thaw damage, ASR, abrasion, cavitation, etc. 
  • Methods to determine cause(s) of damage
    • Important for selecting best repair method
  • Methods to determine extent of damage
    • Important for proper planning and budgeting
  • Maintenance in lieu of repairs?
    • Typical maintenance to increase service life/delay repairs
  • Typical concrete repair methods
    • 15 Standard methods
  • How to prepare concrete for repair
  • Applying the repair material properly
  • Curing the repair
  • Using this process for crack repair and water leaks
    • Causes for cracks, typical methods used for repair
  • Examples will be presented throughout the webinar describing different repair cases 
  • Questions/Discussion
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