Dam Safety 2018: Poster Forum & Lightning Talks

*Please note the Poster Presentations & Lightning Talks are tentative and subject to change. Updated August 3, 2018

Critical Infrastructure and Flood Risk Management Innovation for Dam Safety Monitoring

  • Glen Alexander, Dam Safety and Floodplain Compliance Supervisor, Kentucky Division of Water; and Katherine Osborne, Project Manager, Stantec

20th Anniversary of the Archusa Dam Failure

  •   Johnathon Atkins, E.I.T, MS Department of Environmental Quality

Probabilistic Flood Hazard Assessment for Risk Analysis of a Rockfill Dam using SEFM

  •  Bruce Barker, Principal, MGS Engineering Consultants, Inc.; Matthew Muto and John Dong, Southern California Edison; Jason Caldwell and Katie Ward, MetStat, Inc; and Nicole Novembre, Brava Engineering

Electric Lake Dam – Physical Modeling of the Morning Glory Outlet Works

  • Kirsten Blezy, P.Eng, Hydraulic Engineer, and Brian Hughes, P.Eng., Principal, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.; and Roger Raeburn, P.E., Chief Dam Safety Engineer, PacifiCorp

Eastvale Dam Emergency Repair: A Collaborative Approach

  • Jared Deible, Technical Manager, Pete Logsdon, Civil Engineer, and Scott Zang, Technical Expert - Geotechnical, Michael Baker International; and Jonathan Conville, Acting Chief of Dam Safety, PA Department of Environmental Protection

Use of Fragility Analyses on Dams for use in Informing Design

  • Michael Boone, Geotechnical Engineer, Black & Veatch; and Alidad Hashemi, Structural Engineer, Bechtel Corporation

NOAA's National Water Model: Providing the Nation with Actionable Water Intelligence

  • Edward Capone, NOAA/NWS Northeast River Forecast Center

Lessons Learned from Over 53 NRCS Dam Breach Analyses Using HEC-RAS 2D

  • Sunit Deo, Senior Water Resources Engineer, and Kelley Rich, Water Resources Engineer, HDR

The use of 2D High-Resolution Dam Break Flood Maps on the Implementation of Emergency Action Plans

  • Reinaldo Garcia, Director of Model Development and Applications, Hydronia LLC; and Pully Torres and Rafael Rosa, Torres-Rosa Consulting Engineers

Inexpensive Model Dam Building Provides a Wealth of Firsthand Experience

  • Megan G. Garrett, P.G., Dam Safety Program Manager, and Thomas Child, P.E., Civil Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers

A Review of the Historical Design of Concrete Dams Holding the Middle Third

  • Kevin Griebenow, Civil Engineer, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Trunnion Transition Plate Modeling Techniques and the Resulting Strut Behavior in Radial Gate Finite Element Analyses

  • Kevin Gerst and Christopher Buller, Peterson Brustad Inc.; and Roger Raeburn, Chief Dam Safety Engineer, PacifiCorp

Assessment of Potential Tree Root Impacts on the 2017 Oroville Dam Spillway Incident

  • Leslie F. Harder, Senior Professional Associate, HDR Engineering, Inc.

Geotechnical Applications of Unmanned Aerial System Surveys for Inspection and Investigation

  • Michael Hughes, Senior Project Manager, Ty Moyer, Commercial UAS Director, and Rob Nixon, Senior Project Manager, AECOM

Labyrinth Weir Foundation Design on Highly Expansive Soil

  • Shawn Hutcherson, Geotechnical Engineer, Marc T. Miller, and Dustin Mortensen, Freese and Nichols, Inc.

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) Disaster Recovery Program

  • Kevin Kiniry, Engineer, and Rolando Ayala, Engineer, Freese and Nichols, Inc.; Alan Black, Director of Engineering Division, and Jason Brock, Director of Maintenance Engineering, Harris County Flood Control District; and Chris Fenner, Vice President, Stuart Consulting Group, Inc.

Lower Baker Dam – 2: Evaluating Erodibility, Mitigating Leakage, and Addressing Potential Failure Modes at a Concrete Arch Dam through Groundwater Modeling

  • Todd Kincaid, Ph.D., President, GeoHydros, LLC; Robert Romocki, Chief Dam Safety Engineer, Puget Sound Energy; Brent Meyer, Hydrogeologist, EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC; George Annandale, Dr.-Ing, P.E., Consultant, George W. Annandale, Inc.; Henry Falvey, Dr.- Ing, President, Henry T. Falvey & Associates, Inc.; and William Hultman, P.E., Vice President, Shannon & Wilson, Inc.

Modernization of a Dam Safety Inspection and Instrumentation Program

  • Benjamin Phillips, Dam Safety Civil Inspection Engineer, Tennessee Valley Authority,

Opportunity to Restore Fish Passage at a Small Coastal Dam

  • Matthew Prociv, P.E., Civil Engineer, HDR Inc.; Darrin Raines, City Administator, City of Cosmopolis

New Case Studies with Texas’ New PMP Tool - Small and Large Dam Watersheds, Comparisons to HMR 51/52, and Dilemmas

  • Kelley Rich, Water Resources Engineer, Cris Parker, Senior Water Resources Engineer, and Sunit Deo, Senior Water Resources Engineer, HDR

Uncertainty Analysis of Dam Breach Flooding Extents Using FEMA DSS-WISE Lite

  • Hui-Ming (Max) Shih, Senior Water Resource Engineer, CDM Smith; and Charles Thompson, Bureau Chief, and James D. Head, Dam Safety Engineer, NM Office of the State Engineer Dam Safety Bureau

Zoned Earthen Embankment Dam Construction Techniques and Approaches

  • Benjamin Toby Sisco, Project Engineer, EIT, Phillips & Jordan, Inc.

Hard Rock vs. Heavy Metal – an Innovative Sediment Bypass Tunnel Armoring Solution

  • Richard E Smith, Dam Safety Program Manager, and Ellen Engberg, Civil Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers; and Terry Gilliland, Senior Project Manager, Garney Companies, Inc.

Striking a Better Balance: Value Engineering of Native American Dams Throughout the U.S.

  • Matthew Young, P.E., CFM, Safety of Dams Engineer, Flood Hydrology Coordinator, and Lee Mauney, P.E., CFM, Safety of Dams Engineer, Early Warning Systems Coordinator, U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs; and Allison Knaak, Ph.D., Technical Writer, Managed Business Solutions, LLC (Contractor to U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs)

Earthen Levee Breach Analyses in South Florida Everglades Protective Areas

  • Sheng Yue, Civil Engineer, IMC/US Army Corps of Engineers

The influence of the reservoir geometry input approach on the dam breach outflow hydrograph La Plata Dam Breach Analysis, Toa Alta, PR

  • Pully A. Torres, Co-Founder, and Rafael Rosa, Co-Founder, Torres-Rosa Consulting Engineers, PSC
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