Drone Technology Integrated into Dam Safety Inspections and Evaluations: Instructors

Jay Halligan, GISP
Schnabel Engineering
Project Scientist, GIS Analyst, UAV Operator

Jay Halligan is a Project Scientist who specialized in GIS Software for Schnabel Engineering. Jay has been with Schnabel Engineering for 12 years and has been responsible for the GIS data collection and analysis for ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling or dams. Jay is also a licensed small UAS remote pilot responsible for the maintenance, coordination, safety and execution of commercial operations within the company.


Brian Crookston, PhD, PE
Schnabel Engineering
Senior Engineer

Brian Crookston, PhD, PE is a Senior Engineer and Water Resources Technical Discipline Coordinator with Schnabel.  His primary role is as an H&H technical resource for dam and levee projects company-wide.  He has particular interests in water conveyance, hydraulic structures, and dam safety, including spillway hydraulics, flow acoustics, debris, energy dissipation, physical and numerical modeling, and design optimization. 

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