Fundamentals of Concrete Construction Inspections for Dams and Appurtenant Structures - Instructors

Mike Zusi
Senior Professional Engineer

Mr. Zusi, the lead instructor, is a registered Professional Engineer and design manager with AECOM's Denver office. Mr. Zusi received his BS degree in civil engineering from Lehigh University in 1986. He has more than 32 years of consulting engineering experience, with more than 25 years designing spillways, outlet works, and conveyances for the design of both new and rehabilitation of water storage dams, diversion dams, and flood control structures. As a design manager, Mr. Zusi has performed structural engineering, construction management services, planning, and alternatives analysis for clients in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Zusi is also responsible for reviewing designs for completeness and interdisciplinary coordination. He has also served as a construction inspector for spillway and outlet works structures, valve houses, and energy dissipation structures. His project experience

Henrik Forsling
Civil/Structural Engineer

Mr. Forsling has 14 years of experience in civil/structural engineering. He has experience in condition assessment, evaluation, and design of heavy civil public works projects, including concrete and embankment dams, intake towers, spillways, outlet structures, vaults, post-tensioned concrete storage tanks, and various steel structures. He also has many years of construction engineering and construction project management experience with dams and appurtenant structures, hydraulic and water storage structures, and new construction, as well as rehabilitation/modification projects.

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