How to Conduct a Successful PFMA - Lessons Learned from Past Successes and Failures: Instructor

Douglas D. Boyer, PE, CEG
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Chief,Risk-Informed Decision Making Branch

Doug is a civil engineer and engineering geologist with 33 years of experience in dam and levee safety. He currently serves as the Chief, Risk-Informed Decision Making Branch for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Prior to re-joining FERC in 2016 he was the Western Division Chief for the US Army Corps of Engineers Risk Management Center in Denver, Colorado. Other previous employment positions include: Supervisor, Dam Safety Engineering with FERC in Portland, Oregon; Principal Designer and Engineering Geology Group Manager with the Bureau of Reclamation in Denver, Colorado; and Chief, Dam Safety Branch, Colorado Division of Water Resources in Denver, Colorado. He also has nearly 15 years of consulting experience. Doug has a B.S. in Geological Sciences and a M.S. in Civil Engineering. He is a former Board of Director and Vice President of the U.S. Society on Dams. He is a licensed Professional Engineer, Professional Geologist, and Certified Engineering Geologist. He has conducted, participated or reviewed hundreds of Potential Failure Mode Analyses (PFMA); has authored numerous presentations on the subject; and has conducted two ASDSO webinars on the PFMA process in 2014.

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