Inspection and Assessment of Dams: Instructors

Paul G. Schweiger, P.E. 
Vice President 
Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Paul currently serves as a Vice President of Gannett Fleming and Manager of the Firm’s Dams and Hydraulics Section in Camp Hill.  He has over 30 years of consulting engineering experience and has served as a project engineer or manager for the design of eleven new dams, including four NRCS dams, and the design and technical review of many dam rehabilitation projects.  He has inspected hundreds of dams across the nation including completing over 100 dam assessment reports for the NRCS.  Paul isan approved FERC facilitator for performing potential failure modes analysis exercises for dams, and serves as an expert hydrology and hydraulics engineer on Independent External Peer Review panels for several United States Army Corps of Engineers dam and flood control projects.   

Dean B. Durkee, Ph.D., P.E. 
Vice President 
Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Dean is a Vice President and West Regional Director of Earth Science and Hydraulics for Gannett Fleming.  He has over twenty years of engineering experience as a geotechnical and dam safety engineer, working primarily on dam and flood control projects, applying his expertise to assessment, planning, design, and construction phase services for rehabilitation and modification of earth embankment dams, flood control dams, and levees.  Dean is a member of ASDSO and USSD and serves on the USSD Board of Directors and the Committee for Dam Safety.  He serves on the ASDSO Peer Review Committee and is an Instructor for ASDSO’s Dam Owner Training Program.

Gene Peters 
Performance Plus

Gene is the President of Performance Plus is a frequent speaker and demonstrator at NRCS watershed operation and maintenance workshops, and has been participating in NRCS workshops since 1995.  He was a Conservation Director for 10 years overseeing flood control dams.  Mr. Peters specializes in repairing NRCS riser structures including gate operators, gate stems and gate replacement.  He also performs underwater inspections and repairs, ROV conduit inspections, and conduit slip lining and concrete repairs.  Performance Plus has received awards for their specialized equipment and repair facilities.

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