Intro to Cavitation in Chutes and Spillways: Agenda


  • Definition of boiling, gaseous cavitation, vaporous cavitation Armstrong Limit
  • Definition of Cavitation Index
  • Distinction between Cavitation and Cavitation Damage

Basic Concepts

  • Initiation of damage due to surface irregularities
  • Growth of calcite deposits in concrete
  • Bubble Collapse Mechanisms
  • Leap Frog Effect
  • Recognition of Cavitation Damage

Model Testing

  • Physical Model
  • Reduced Pressure Chamber
  • Incipient Cavitation Characteristics of Specific Irregularities

Field Observations

  • Historical Extent of Damage
  • Damage Index

Damage Prevention

  • Materials
  • Tolerances
  • Air Entrainment

Air Slot Design

  • Placement
  • Types of Aerators

Design Tool

  • Computer Program
    • Hydraulics
    • Cavitation Characteristics
    • Aerator Design
    • Equal Cavitation Number Spillway
    • Sinusoidal Cavitation Number Spillway
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