Intro to Overtopping Protection Systems: Instructor

Tom Hepler
Schnabel Engineering, LLC

Tom Hepler retired from the Bureau of Reclamation in 2014 with 36 years’ experience in hydraulic and structural engineering designs for concrete dams and appurtenant structures. He served as Technical Specialist for the Waterways and Concrete Dams Group in Denver, Colorado, and as Team Leader for numerous concrete and embankment dam modifications for dam safety. Tom is a co-author of Alternatives for Overtopping Protection of Dams, an ASCE publication released in 1994, and Technical Manual: Overtopping Protection for Dams, a FEMA document released 20 years later, in 2014. Tom currently works for Schnabel Engineering in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is a registered Professional Engineer in four states, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Missouri S&T.

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