Lessons Learned Regarding Seismic Deformation Analyses of Embankment Dams from Re-Evaluation of the Upper and Lower San Fernando Dams Performance Case Histories: Instructors

Ray Seed
University of California, Berkeley
Professor Emeritus

Professor Seed earned his BS, MS, and PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. He taught at Standford University for four years, and then moved to UC Berkeley where he had a teaching and research career for 30 years. Professor Seed's research has had a significant impact on geotechnical practice in a number of areas including: analysis of compaction-induced stresses and deformations, seismic stability analysis of dams and embankments, analysis of soil liquefaction potential and post-liquefaction behaviors, analysis of reinforced soil systems and deep braced excavations, effects of site conditions on seismic site response, finite element analysis of static and seismic soil-structure interaction, stability and performance evaluation for hazardous waste fills, geotechnical evaluations and mitigation of dams and levees, and others.

Khaled Chowdhury
USACE and UC Berkeley
Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Dr. Khaled Chowdhury has about 20 years of experience in evaluations, design, and construction of infrastructure projects. Dr. Chowdhury worked for AECOM (formerly URS) and Kleinfelder for 16 years prior to joining USACE's South Pacific Division Dam Safety Production Center in Sacramento as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer in 2016. He was a co-author or reviewer for several dams and levee Guidance Documents or Engineering Manuals for the CA DWR and USACE. He has several technical papers on topics such as seismic evaluations of dams and levees, seepage, stability, seepage cutoff walls, and site characterizations. Dr. Chowdhury recently completed his PhD from U.C. Berkeley. The title of his PhD dissertation is "Evaluation of the State of Practice Regarding Nonlinear Seismic Deformation Analyses of Embankment Dams Subject to Soil Liquefaction Based on Case Histories".   This webinar was developed based on Dr. Chowdhury's PhD research work under Professor Ray Seed's guidance. Dr. Chowdhury is a Professional Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer in California.

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