Model State Dam Safety Program Resources

Model State Dam Safety Program (including Model State Law)


The following links are for specific modules of the Model Program:

Legislation & Regulations - includes the Model State Law and sample fee structures.

Permitting/Approval of Plans/Authorization to Impound - includes example permit requirements.

Inspections & Safety Evaluations - includes sample inspection checklists and guidelines, sample database fields, and example budget/staffing preparation.

Enforcement - includes example regulations on penalties for violations.

Emergency Response - includes EAP Reviewer's Checklist, a summary of state EAP guidelines, and a sample EAP.

Program Staffing & Funding - includes example organization charts and example budget/staffing preparation.

Program Staff & Dam Owner Education and Training - includes listing of training courses and materials.

Dam Safety Program Public Relations Plan - includes public outreach tool samples (fact sheets, web pages, brochures).


The following guidelines have been prepared by ASDSO and approved by the ASDSO Board of Directors and submitted to the National Dam Safety Review Board for inclusion in the National Dam Safety Program Model State Dam Safety Program (FEMA 316). ASDSO offers them for state use during the approval process.

White Paper on Engineering Certifications (ASDSO-ADCOM August 3, 2013)

Model State Law w/Owner-Responsible Inspection Alternative (ASDSO June 17, 2014)

Model State Security Plan (ASDSO March 2022)

Guidelines for State Dam Safety Office Implementation of a Dam Security Program (Dam Safety '13 Presentation)

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