Northeast Regional Conference: Poster Presentations & Lightning Talks

*Please note the Poster Presentations & Lightning Talks are tentative and subject to change. Updated May 11, 2018


Uncertainty in Parameters Selected for Simulating the Failure of Small Earthen Dams

  • Mark Schwartz, and Diego Rivera, RIZZO International, Inc

Climate and Land Use Change Effects on Future Runoff Production & Transfer Mechanisms and Failure Probability of Dams in New England

  • Iman Hosseini-Shakib, and Kevin Gardner, University of New Hampshire

Implications of using Precipitation from NOAA Atlas 14

  • Michael  J. Mastroluca, P.E., HRP Associates, Inc.

Boardman River Dam Removal – Success with ACB Mat Spillway

  • Craig Seger, P.E., and Daniel J. Priest, P.E., Contech Engineered Solutions, LLC and Troy Naperala, P.E., AECOM

Remote Sensing Approach to Riprap Slope Inspection

  • Travis Shoemaker, Lafayette College
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