Request for Proposals

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) is soliciting statements of qualifications and proposals from engineering consulting firms, research groups, academics, and others who are qualified to develop and conduct technical training seminars on dam safety issues for state dam safety personnel and other interested ASDSO members. Download the full RFP now! 

Project Overview 
ASDSO’s Technical Training Committee has identified two topics to be developed into two and a half day core classroom courses in the coming year; Design and Technical Specifications Review and Dam Construction Inspection. Once developed, these courses will be added to the regular biennial rotation of courses and will also become available to State Dam Safety Programs as ‘on-the-shelf’ classroom courses. Instructors chosen to develop the course will be the primary training team on this topic for ASDSO. Each course should be structured so that additional qualified (ASDSO-approved) instructors could be tapped to instruct the course should there be a time and date that the primary training team is not available. The primary training team may be compensated separate from this project to assist with training additional trainers (to be negotiated and determined as needed). 


  • Proposals must be submitted to ASDSO by April 10, 2020
  • Proposals will be evaluated by the Technical Training Committee, and selections will be announced no later than the end of April 2020. 
  • Course developers will have approximately 5 months to develop course content and accompanying materials. The pilot course will be offered in the fall/winter of 2020 with subsequent courses offered starting in 2021. 

ASDSO Technical Seminars are attended by a wide cross section of the dam and levee safety community including state dam safety engineers and inspectors as well as federal regulators, private sector engineers, and others with an interest in dam safety. Technical Seminar attendees also represent a mix of experience levels from those just starting out in their career to experienced engineers looking to further their expertise.  

Please Note: Any proposals marketing the specific services or products of private companies will be disqualified. No individual or company marketing will be accepted as part of the seminar training. 

Download the RFP.

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