Risk Communication for Dams: Agenda

Welcome and Session Objectives (5 minutes)

The Power of First Impressions (10 minutes)

Understanding our Audiences (15 minutes)

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Elephants in the room
  • Community priorities, including establishing:
    • Who is impacted by dams?
    • Who has the responsibility to take action?
    • Why should dam risk information be communicated?

Engineering Speak vs. Community Speak (5 minutes)

  • Moving from technical to relatable
    • Sharing Information Across the 5 Mission Areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery
  • Jargon police

Cognitive Bias and Decision Making (20 minutes)

  • Facts versus stories
  • Connecting the right and left brain to drive decision

Messages that Stick (20 minutes )

  • Curse of knowledge
  • Making the complex simple
    • Example: how to effectively communicate using EAP and Inundation Mapping
  • Making data relevant
  • Analogy exercise

Handling Challenging Q&A (15 minutes)

  • Bridging and baiting techniques
  • Managing tough questions discussion

Webinar Q&A (20 minutes)

Key Take-Aways (10 minutes)

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