Stream Management for Dam Construction - Instructor

Daniel (Dan) Johnson
Daniel Johnson Consultants, Inc. 

Mr. Daniel Johnson, P.E., M.S., F. ASCE, is a principal dam and hydropower engineer with a long list of projects performed while associated with the leading consulting engineering firms in the world.  Dan is a well-qualified civil engineer with 47 years of experience in water resources, dam engineering, geotechnical engineering, and civil engineering.  He has been deeply involved as the project manager or technical lead on about 220 water resource and mine tailings dam projects in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America. His roles have covered all project components from planning, evaluations, design, bidding, construction, and operations. Dan is active in ASDSO, USSD, and ICOLD, and is a respected educator on dam investigations, design, and construction. He participated on ASDSO’s Advisory Board and Committee on Education Outreach, is a past vice president and a board member of USSD, past chairperson of the USSD Construction Technical Committee, and ongoing chairperson for the ICOLD parallel committee (Committee M). Since 1991, he has been a trainer for ASDSO educational seminars; from 1994 to 2003 was a lecturer for an embankment dams course at the University of Florida; assisted in the Capstone Design and Dam Overview classes at the University of Colorado; and is a senior mentor with Engineers without Borders.

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