Activities and 'Fun Stuff'
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Thanks for hanging out with me! I hope you learned a lot about dams!


Here are some fun activities that will help you learn more!


Let's Build A Dam!
Don't just take my word for it!  Put on your work clothes and build a dam. Here are some instructions, but you'll probably have ideas of your own, too!
Easy Version - Instructions
Hard Version - Instructions

Take the Dam Challenge!
The humans at PBS made a game that lets players pretend to be a real dam engineer!  It's fun - try it now!
Click here! 
For other PBS resources click here!

Activity Pages
Then sit down, grab a pencil and some crayons, and try these activities!
Activity Book (Low-Head Dams)

What is a Dam?
What is a Dam Engineer? Part 1 and Part 2
Who Owns Dams?
What Motivated You to Become a Dam Engineer?
What Do You Enjoy About Working on Dam Safety Projects?
What Do Dam Engineers Work On?
Interesting Facts About Dams

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