Marking Significant Dam Failures

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The ASDSO Dam Failures & Incidents Committee (DFIC) has a mission to assist the states to improve the practice of investigating/learning from dam failures and incidents. The committee has a goal to “collect and share lessons learned from past dam failures/incidents with the ASDSO membership” and has initiated a project to highlight and share information on the “Decade Anniversary” of significant dam failures.


March 12 - 90th Anniversary of the St. Francis Dam Failure, California

September 6 - 40th Anniversary of the Kelly Barnes Dam Failure, Georgia

May 27 - National Dam Safety Awareness Day 2016 and 40th Anniversary of the Teton Dam Failure
March 14 - 10th Anniversary of the Ka Loko Dam Failure, Hawaii

December 14 - 10th Anniversary of the Taum Sauk Dam Failure, Missouri
July 17 - 20th Anniversary of the Folsom Dam Spillway Gate Failure, California
July 2 - 10th Anniversary of the Hadlock Pond Dam Failure, New York
June 22 - 20th Anniversary of the Timberlake Dam Failure, Virginia

December 23 - 50th Anniversary of the Lower Hell Hole Dam Failure, California
March 12 – 10th Anniversary of the Big Bay Dam Failure, Mississippi
May 16 – 140th Anniversary of the Mill River Dam Failure, Massachusetts
May 25 – 100th Anniversary of the Hatchtown Dam Failure, Utah
May 31 – 125th Anniversary of the South Fork Dam Failure, Pennsylvania
June 10 – 50th Anniversary of the Swift and Lower Two Medicine Dam Failures, Montana
December 23 – 50th Anniversary of the Lower Hell Hole Dam Failure, California

March 6 - 50th Anniversary of the Norwich Flood
May 7 - 10th Anniversary of the Silver Lake Dam Failure
December 6 - 50th Anniversary of the Baldwin Hills Dam Failure


Other Links to Selected Dam Failures, by Location

Baldwin Hills, Dec. 14, 1963
St. Francis, Mar. 12-13, 1928

Kelly Barnes, Nov. 6, 1977

Teton, June 5, 1976

South Fork, May 31, 1889

West Virginia
Marshall University Virtual Museum (Search Buffalo Creek)

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