International Levee Handbook

The International Levee Handbook (ILH) is a compendium of good practice, offering comprehensive guidance on the design, construction, maintenance and improvement of levees and describing the international state of the art on these matters. Also, it offers a decision support framework for competent engineers, rather than a prescriptive decision making code of practice, looking at specific challenges during the life cycle of levees. Members of the U.S. Levee Safety Coalition—ASDSO, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the US Society on Dams (USSD), the National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies, the Deep Foundations Institute, the American Council of Engineering Companies, and the US Army Corps of Engineers—fully support and endorse the ILH. Click here to view the webinar series.


Webinar Series on the ILH

Members of the U.S. Levee Safety Coalition sponsored a series of webinars on the ILH starting in January 2015 and running through August 2015. Webinars were offered generally monthly working through all ten chapters and all of the webinars were recorded and archived for future reference. Each webinar covered a specific topic presented by lead authors of the ILH. The webinars were complimentary and open to the general public as are the recorded versions. Please visit the Training Center to view the following webinars:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction (Jonathan Simm) 
  • Chapter 2 - Levees in Flood Risk Management (Jonathan Simm) 
  • Chapter 3 - Function, Forms and Failures of Levees (Jamie McVicker) 
  • Chapter 4 - Operation and Maintenance (Rachel Orellana) 
  • Chapter 5 - Levee Inspection, Assessment and Risk Attribution (Chris Neutz) 
  • Chapter 6 - Emergency Management and Operations (Yazmin Seda-Sanabria)
  • Chapter 7 - Site Characterization and Data Requirements (Rosemary Schmidt & Andy Gaines)
  • Chapter 8 - Physical Processes and Tools for Levee Assessment and Design (Guillaume Veylon)
  • Chapter 9 - Design (Philip Smith & Andy Gaines)
  • Chapter 10 - Construction (Joe Forbis)

Professional Development Hours: Certificates of Attendance for Professional Development Hours (PDH) were issued from ASDSO on behalf of the U.S. Levee Safety Coalition for the live webinars but they are not available for the recorded versions.

Special thanks to our sustaining members