Concrete Construction – Issues and Remedies






Spillways and outlet works are critical structures to the operation of a dam, and each of these features has its own unique design details and construction requirements. Even the best and most experienced contractors don’t always get it right.
This webinar will focus on the most commonly encountered construction defects for each of the respective structures and how to address them. The presenters will begin with an introduction of key design features to provide design basis and context for potential remedies. They will then present detailed examples of defects and challenges often encountered in hydraulic structure construction. The presenters will further discuss proactive measures that can be taken to reduce the occurrence of these construction defects and to mitigate the effects thereof. Finally, the presenters will discuss how to identify defects, understand their root causes, assess their criticality, and present the current best practices of typical remedies and repairs.

Five Learning Objectives of This Webinar: 

  • Understanding of key design details of hydraulic structures.
  • Commonly encountered construction issues.
  • Evaluation and assessment of the criticality of these issues.
  • Current and best practices to avoid these issues.
  • Remedy for these issues if and when encountered.

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