The State of the Practice and Future of Dam Breach Modeling






This course will survey dam breach analysis methods currently in use. Differences in methodology, analysis steps, assumptions, and results will be described. Specifically, the course will focus on hydrologic routing of dam breach flood waves, 1D hydraulic routing, and 2D hydraulic routing. Features of popular software will be summarized and the future of dam breach modeling will be discussed based on current trends.

Five Learning Objectives of This Course:

  • An understanding of the history and evolution of dam breach modeling.
  • What methods of dam breach modeling have been used in the past and why are they no longer being used?
  • What are the current models being used for dam breach modeling?
  • What are the differences in the current dam breach analysis methods?
  • What does the future of dam breach modeling look like?

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This course qualifies for 2 PDHs.

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