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DHS CrisisManagement_Handbook_0.jpg
This handbook provides an introduction to crisis management measures for dam owners. It explains how such measures are an important component of an overall risk management program. In addition, it describes major components of crisis management and provides a template and guidelines that might be useful in developing these components for other dams.

Dams Sector Active and Passive Vehicle Barriers Guide.jpg
The purpose of this guide is to assist dam owners and operators in understanding the need for vehicle barriers as part of an overall security plan and familiarize security personnel with the various types of active and passive vehicle barriers. This guide also provides a very cursory level of technical information regarding barriers and includes references to assist owners and operators in properly designing and selecting vehicle barriers and their appurtenant safety and security systems.

DHS PersonnelScreening_Guide_0.jpg
The purpose of this guide is to assist non-Federal owners and operators of dams, locks, and levees in developing and implementing personnel screening protocols appropriate for their facilities. An effective screening protocol for potential employees and contractor support can contribute to enhanced facility security by ensuring that untrustworthy individuals do not gain employment or access to sensitive facilities or information.

The Dams Sector Roadmap to Secure Control Systems describes a plan for voluntarily improving cybersecurity in the Dams Sector.

Dams Sector Security Awareness Guide_0.jpg
The purpose of this guide is to provide information for levee owners and operators on issues related to potential terrorists’ surveillance objectives, indicators that such surveillance may be taking place, and methods for reporting incidents of surveillance or suspicious activity.

DHS SecurityAwareness_LeveeGuide.jpg

DHS EmergencyPreparednessGuidelinesForLevees.jpg

Dams Sector Security Awareness Guide_1.jpg
This guide introduces owners/operators to dam sector security concerns and protective measures. (2007)

Dam Sectors Waterside Barriers Guide.png
Guide provides sector stakeholders with information pertaining to waterside barriers and their use, maintenance, and effectiveness.

Dam Sector - Estimating Economic Consequences for Dam Failure Scenarios.png
This report provides information on methodologies for estimating direct and indirect economic consequences resulting from dam failure or disruption. The objective is to assist in the development of consequence assessments that are consistent and can be systematically compared across multiple owners and different jurisdictions.

Dam Sector -  estimating LossofLife_0.png
This report provides information on methodologies for estimating loss-of-life resulting from dam failure or disruption.

Dams Sector Suspicious Activity Reporting Fact Sheet.jpg

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