ASDSO Adopts New 5-Year Strategic Plan

Message from the President

The 2022-2027 ASDSO Strategic Plan will guide our association through another five years of progress and advancement in dam safety. In the last five years we have seen improvement on many fronts and new opportunities have opened for ASDSO and its members to advance dam safety goals. We have all experienced dramatic change since our last Strategic Plan was adopted. The new strategic plan provides direction to meet new challenges and to capitalize on the potential that is available to us as a community. This plan is the result of many hours of work. I wish to personally thank the member volunteers who provided input, the members of the strategic planning task force, the Board of Directors, and the staff of the association for their work on this new plan. Thank you for your interest and participation as we continue to work toward a future where all dams are safe.

Charles N. Thompson
ASDSO President

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision: A future where all dams are safe.

Mission: Improve the condition and safety of dams and lower the risk of dam failures through education, support for state dam safety programs, and fostering a unified dam safety community.


  • Improve state dam safety programs.

  • Develop a cohesive and collaborative dam and levee safety community committed to the ASDSO mission.

  • Advance and expand the technical expertise of dam owners and dam and levee safety practitioners

  • Increase public awareness of the role of dams in society, the risks they present and the importance of both dam safety and preparedness for dam failures.

  • Increase the interest and awareness by federal and state lawmakers and administrators so that laws, policies, funding, and programs that serve to improve the safety of dams and levees and reduce the risk to the public are carried out.

Read the Full 2022-2027 Strategic Plan