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Event Title Event Type Host Location Date Details
Inlet and Outlet Hydraulics for Spillways and Outlet Structures Webinar Online 04/13/2021 Webinar
Online 04/13/2021
Seepage Through Earth Dams Virtual Seminar Online 04/20/2021 Virtual Seminar
Online 04/20/2021
Introduction to Spillway Gates Webinar Online 05/11/2021 Webinar
Online 05/11/2021
Use of Remote Sensing in Dam Safety-Including Drones Webinar Online 06/08/2021 Webinar
Online 06/08/2021
Indiana Dam Information, Resources, and Training (DIRT) State Workshop Virtual 06/15/2021 State Workshop
Virtual 06/15/2021
Basic Soil Mechanics Related to Earth Dams Virtual Seminar Online 06/22/2021 Virtual Seminar
Online 06/22/2021
Use of Underwater Remote Systems in Dam Safety Webinar Online 07/13/2021 Webinar
Online 07/13/2021
HEC-RAS Virtual Seminar Online 07/27/2021 Virtual Seminar
Online 07/27/2021
Uplift and Drainage for Concrete Dams and Spillways Webinar Online 08/10/2021 Webinar
Online 08/10/2021
HEC-RAS 2D Virtual Seminar Online 08/24/2021 Virtual Seminar
Online 08/24/2021
Dam Safety 2021 Conference Nashville, TN 09/12/2021 Conference
Nashville, TN 09/12/2021
Current Trends in the Seismic Analysis of Embankment Dams Webinar Online 10/12/2021 Webinar
Online 10/12/2021
Understanding and Managing Plant and Animal Intrusions in Embankment Dams and Levees - Part II Webinar Online 11/09/2021 Webinar
Online 11/09/2021
Southeast Regional Conference Conference Charleston, SC 11/29/2021 Conference
Charleston, SC 11/29/2021
Stream Management for Dam Construction Webinar Online 12/14/2021 Webinar
Online 12/14/2021
Dam Safety 2022 Conference Baltimore, MD 09/18/2022 Conference
Baltimore, MD 09/18/2022
Northeast Regional Conference Conference Portland, ME 05/22/2023 Conference
Portland, ME 05/22/2023
Dam Safety 2023 Conference Palm Springs, CA 09/17/2023 Conference
Palm Springs, CA 09/17/2023
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