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ASDSO’s Dam Safety Resource Database contains more than 10,000 entries referencing dam safety publications. These entries cover a wide variety of dam safety topics, including technical and non-technical areas, history, best practices, regulations, news, and more. The entries also represent a variety of sources, including federal and state departments, professional societies, research groups, industry news outlets, international organizations, and universities.

The entries are organized into 16 resource types (Learn More) and users have the ability to print up to 150 search results.

All ASDSO conference papers and Journal of Dam Safety articles are included as entries. ASDSO members have free, unlimited access to full ASDSO papers through the resource database.

Links to other resources will be provided when available.

To quickly locate the database from anywhere on ASDSO's website, look for the "Dam Safety Resource Database' button under the Resource Center header.

For assistance with a search, to run a more detailed search, to submit an entry, or to provide feedback, email Katelyn Riley at [email protected].


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