Webinar Program Overview

ASDSO is proud to offer a robust webinar program allowing anyone interested in dam and levee safety to select between the Live broadcast as well as OnDemand or Downloadable versions of any webinar. 

Live broadcasts offer the valuable opportunity for real-time interaction with the instructors, who can answer questions through the live chat feature. Bonus: Individuals who register for the live broadcast may also access the OnDemand version of the webinar following the live broadcast. When the OnDemand component is available it will show up in your dashboard. Live webinars allow registered participants to complete the quiz at the end and receive the PDH credit. View all upcoming webinars on the Training Calendar

On-demand webinars are available if you are unable to participate at the time of the broadcast, but want to view the presentation later. On-demand webinars allow the registrant to access the webinar on-demand (any time 24/7) for up to one year following the date of purchase. The ASDSO on-Demand library consist of nearly 100 titles to choose from! On-Demand webinars allow registered participants to complete the quiz at the end and receive the PDH credit. Find the perfect on-demand webinar for you now. 

Downloadable webinars are available so that you may purchase and download the product and keep it for future use. Files must be downloaded within 30 days from the registration date. Downloadable products do not have the opportunity to complete the quiz and receive PDH credit, however you can keep this valuable resource in your permanent library of dam safety training. Search from over 100 downloadable titles now! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I have purchased a webinar and want to get back to where I can view it, how do I do that? After purchasing an ASDSO webinar (Live, OnDemand, or Downloadable) you can visit your dashboard on the Learning Center to watch or download the webinar.
  • Can I view the Live Webinar in a Group Setting? Participants are welcome and encouraged to view the webinars in a group setting. Only one registration for the live event is needed to show the broadcast. However, individuals who watch the live event in a group setting and also wish to receive the PDH credits, must register individually for the Live or On-Demand product to have access to the quiz and PDH credit.
  • How do I receive PDH Credit? A certificate for professional development hours is generated upon successful completion of the post-webinar quiz. PDHs are stored in your dashboard or you can print a certificate for your records.
  • I am purchasing a webinar for someone else – how can I do this? You will need to a) have access to the participant’s login information and register using their account or b) contact ASDSO to manually register each individual. It is important that the registration is completed in the participant’s account because this is the name that will also appear on the completion certificate at the end.
  • I registered for the webinar, however I watched the live webinar in a group with another participant’s login and would like to take the quiz to receive credit. How do I do this? If you were not logged in during the live webinar, that’s okay - you will be able to access the recorded on-demand version, including the quiz, once it is posted to your account. This occurs appx. 48 hours after the live webinar. It will automatically appear under ‘On Demand Products’ in your Dashboard at that time.
  • I was not able to log in during the live event, can I access the recording? Yes, all live registrants automatically receive access to the recorded on-demand webinar. The on-demand version will appear in your dashboard approximately 48 hours after the live webinar and will be accessible for one year following the date of purchase.
  • Can professional engineers licensed in New York State receive PDH credit? Yes, in most cases ASDSO webinars are approved for NY PDH credits. In order to receive the NY certificate, participants must:
    • Register for and participate in the LIVE BROADCAST version of the webinar. NYSED does not provide credits for engineers who view the recorded/on-demand version of the webinar.
    • Enter your NY PE license number when prompted at the start of the broadcast.
    • Be present for the entirety of the course. If for any reason a participant is only logged in for a portion of the broadcast, a certificate cannot be provided. Partial credit is not offered per NYSED guidelines.
    • A separate certificate will be emailed to you within 30 days of the live webinar. If you have not received within 30 days please follow up with [email protected].
  • What if I can't pay online with a credit card? If you cannot pay your fee on-line with a credit card, send an email to [email protected] with the following information: 
    • The title or titles of the webinars you want to register for, and whether you want Live, On-demand or Download format;
    • Full contact information, including email address for the webinar registrant; and
    • Full contact information (if different) for the person responsible for payment.

If you have any additional questions regarding the ASDSO Webinar program please contact us at [email protected] or call 859.550.2788. 

Upcoming Events
Event Title Event Type Host Location Date Details
Dam Safety 2021 On-Demand On-Demand Conference Online 10/01/2021 On-Demand Conference
Online 10/01/2021
Stream Management for Dam Construction Webinar Online 12/14/2021 Webinar
Online 12/14/2021
The History of Dam Safety Governance in the US Including Risk Analysis Webinar Online 01/11/2022 Webinar
Online 01/11/2022
Improving Emergency Operations for Dam and Levee Failures and Incidents Virtual Seminar Online 01/25/2022 Virtual Seminar
Online 01/25/2022
Specialty Construction Techniques for Foundation Improvement and Seepage Reduction Webinar Online 02/08/2022 Webinar
Online 02/08/2022
Dam Construction Inspection Virtual Seminar Online 02/09/2022 Virtual Seminar
Online 02/09/2022
West Regional Conference Conference Layton, UT 02/15/2022 Conference
Layton, UT 02/15/2022
Findings of the Independent Forensic Investigation of the Failures of Edenville and Sanford Dams, Michigan Webinar Online 03/08/2022 Webinar
Online 03/08/2022
Inspection & Assessment of Dams Virtual Seminar Online 03/22/2022 Virtual Seminar
Online 03/22/2022
Concrete Construction – Issues and Remedies Webinar Online 04/12/2022 Webinar
Online 04/12/2022
Seepage Through Earth Dams Virtual Seminar Online 04/26/2022 Virtual Seminar
Online 04/26/2022
Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete Design of Hydraulic Structures Classroom Seminar Nashville, TN 05/03/2022 Classroom Seminar
Nashville, TN 05/03/2022
Inspection and Assessment of Spillways Webinar Online 05/10/2022 Webinar
Online 05/10/2022
Earthquake Engineering for Embankment Dams Virtual Seminar Online 05/23/2022 Virtual Seminar
Online 05/23/2022
Rehabilitation of NRCS Watershed Structures – a Consultant’s Perspective Webinar Online 06/14/2022 Webinar
Online 06/14/2022
Basic Soil Mechanics Related to Earth Dams Virtual Seminar Online 06/21/2022 Virtual Seminar
Online 06/21/2022
Extreme Precipitation and Dam Safety in a Changing Climate Webinar Online 07/12/2022 Webinar
Online 07/12/2022
Stability Analysis of Embankment Dams Classroom Seminar Portland, OR 07/19/2022 Classroom Seminar
Portland, OR 07/19/2022
Michigan Failures/Pandemic – Impacts to the ASDSO Peer Review Process Webinar Online 08/09/2022 Webinar
Online 08/09/2022
HEC-RAS Virtual Seminar Online 08/22/2022 Virtual Seminar
Online 08/22/2022
Dam Safety 2022 Conference Baltimore, MD 09/18/2022 Conference
Baltimore, MD 09/18/2022
Geotechnical Drilling for Safety Evaluation of Embankment Dams Webinar Online 10/11/2022 Webinar
Online 10/11/2022
HEC-RAS 2D Classroom Seminar Glendale, CO 10/18/2022 Classroom Seminar
Glendale, CO 10/18/2022
Improving the Dam Safety Design Review Process Webinar Online 11/08/2022 Webinar
Online 11/08/2022
Instrumentation in Dams – Selection and Installation Webinar Online 12/13/2022 Webinar
Online 12/13/2022
Northeast Regional Conference Conference Portland, ME 05/22/2023 Conference
Portland, ME 05/22/2023
Dam Safety 2023 Conference Palm Springs, CA 09/17/2023 Conference
Palm Springs, CA 09/17/2023
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