Media Resources

The Importance of Journalism 

ASDSO members are experts dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the nation's more than 90,000 dams, but everyone has a role to play in this effort. The role of journalists is essential to raising public awareness of dams and dam safety. An informed public can help prevent loss of life and property from dam failures.

Media Inquiries 

If you are interested in general information about dam safety and the performance of dams in the United States:

Executive Director
Lori Spragens
[email protected]
859-550-2788 X 106

Communications Director
Katelyn Riley
[email protected]
859-550-2788 X 104

If you are interested in state-specific information:

Please visit the 'State Dam Safety Programs & Contacts' page to find contact information for ASDSO state representatives and state-specific data.