Vision: A future where all dams are safe.

The failure of dams and the great destruction and loss of life failures often cause, is a matter of deep concern to the members of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO). ASDSO is a national non-profit organization serving state dam safety programs and the broader dam safety community, which includes federal dam safety professionals, dam owners and operators, engineering consultants, emergency managers, manufacturers, suppliers, academia, contractors, and others interested in improving dam safety.


What Does ASDSO Do to Improve Dam Safety?

Support state dam safety programs

Develop a cohesive and engaged community committed to the ASDSO mission.

Advance and expand the technical expertise of dam and levee safety practitioners 

Promote innovative approaches to funding dam rehabilitation at the state and federal level

Increase public awareness of the role of dams in society, the risks they present and the importance of dam safety and preparedness

Advocate for laws, policies and government programs that serve to improve the safety of dams and reduce the risk to the public

Strengthen and support a coordinated effort to improve the safety of levees


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