As an ASDSO member, one of the many benefits you can access is the Collaborate community site. Collaborate allows ASDSO members to share best practices, expand their professional network, and connect with dam safety colleagues from across the country 24/7/365. Collaborate provides communities ranging from our all member community to a special community to discuss dam failures and even communities focused on your personal interest like the Book Club or the new Ski Club. In addition, Collaborate is the place for you to sign up for volunteer opportunities like ASDSO committees or to become a conference moderator. Plus, Collaborate is where you will find the ASDSO member directory with a number of search options that allow members to connect one on one. 

How to get started on Collaborate: 

  • Building a profile is a great way to get started. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of your profile picture and choose "Profile." Here, you can add your bio, job history, education, profile picture, and more.
  • Gain connections and followers by searching for people you know in the "Directory," or you can navigate to the "My Connections" tab in your Profile to see a list of people you may know. Click the "Request Contact" button to send them an invitation to become your contact.
  • Join communities that interest you - click the "Communities" tab, followed by "All Communities" to see a list of all options. Join the discussion on more focus topics such as the "Emerging Technologies Interest Group," or have a book discussion in the "ASDSO Quarterly Book Club."

Collaborate Pro-Tips: 

  • After signing in, click the dropdown arrow to the right of your profile picture and choose "Profile." From here, you can choose how you would like to receive notifications when a new post is added to the Communities you have joined. Select the "My Account" tab, followed by "Community Notifications." For each community, you can receive emailed alerts when a new discussion post is added -  daily or real-time. If you would like to opt-out of alerts, you can turn them off as well. You can even select the option to receive a weekly digest on the day of your choice.
  • Interested in signing up for volunteer opportunities? Be sure to select the "Volunteer" tab, then "Opportunities." From here, you'll be able to opt-in to the volunteer pool to receive notifications of new postings and also build your Volunteer Profile. 
  • The ASDSO Member Directory is accessible through ASDSO Collaborate. Once you click on the "Directory" tab, you can search by basic fields such as first and last name, or you can create a more advanced search. For example, if you would like to view all members in the state of California, you can click the "Advanced Search" option and select California from the state dropdown menu. 

Interested in starting a new community in Collaborate? Contact Ross Brown for information. 


Special thanks to our sustaining members