Improving the Dam Safety Design Review Process: Instructors

Improving the Dam Safety Design Review Process: Instructors

Jeremy Franz 
Colorado Division of Water Resources, Dam Safety Branch
Design Review Engineer

Jeremy has nearly fifteen years of service for the Colorado Division of Water Resources, Dam Safety Branch. For the last nine years, he has served as the lead design review engineer for the Dam Safety Branch.  Jeremy holds both bachelor's and master's degrees in civil engineering from Colorado State University. 
Jeremy has led the regulatory and technical review of many dam design projects ranging all sizes and types, including scores of small- and medium-size dams and several large dams, filling the role of chair of the Project Review Board for a 380-ft tall asphalt core rockfill dam.  He has served as the co-chair of ASDSO’s Dam Design and Construction Committee and is leading the ASDSO Technical Knowledge Base Task Force.

Michele Lemieux
Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
Montana Dam Safety Section Manager

Michele has been with the Montana Dam Safety Program for 25 years.  She is a graduate from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree in geological engineering and a master’s degree in civil engineering.  Her specialty is geotechnical engineering.  She is a long-time ASDSO member, having served on the Board of Directors and numerous committees over the years.   Michele co-chairs the National Dam Safety Program Research Work Group. 

Michele recently implemented a new design review process for Montana dam construction permits.

Greg Paxson
Schnabel Engineering
National Practice Leader for Dams

Greg has over 25 years of experience with dam safety projects, ranging from inspections and evaluations to design and construction of dam safety modifications.  This includes spillway upgrades, stabilization of gravity dams, and seepage remediation projects for embankment dams.   He serves as chair of the Technical Journal Committee for ASDSO and chair of the USSD Hydraulics and Hydrology Committee.  He also led an ASDSO Task Force charge with evaluating the design review process for dam safety projects, which included co-facilitating several soapbox and town hall sessions at ASDSO national conferences.

Greg has undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil engineering from University of Delaware and Villanova University, respectively.