Northeast Regional Conference: Call for Abstracts

ASDSO and the New Jersey-Pennsylvania Council for Safe Dams are proud to host the 2018 Northeast Regional Dam Safety Conference. Join other dam safety professionals on June 4-6 in Lancaster, PA for an array of technical and non-technical presentations. The conference is geared towards dam safety engineers and dam owners/operators in the northeastern states.


Suggested Topics

  • Dam and Levee Safety Technical Topics
    • Hydrology & Hydraulics
    • Geotechnical Issues
    • Case Studies in Dam & Levee Rehabilitation
    • Inspections
    • Innovative Design
    • Instrumentation
    • Failures and Incidents
  • Non-Technical Topics
    • Public Safety at Dams
    • Emergency Action Planning/Emergency Response
    • Operations and Maintenance
    • Owner/Operator Liability or Legal Issues
    • Site Security
    • Water Resource Issues
    • Financing Dam and Levee Repairs
    • Insurance


About the Regional Conference Educational Program

ASDSO’s conferences are well known resources for practical information on the day-to-day activities of those working to keep dams safe. The primary focus of this conference is the effective application of knowledge and technology to real-life problems faced by dam and levee safety professionals.

The conference program offers a variety of information-sharing opportunities. Those who submit abstracts may be selected for any of the following presentation formats:

  • Traditional agenda presentations – Typically 30 minutes in length (20-25 minutes of presentation and 5-10 minutes for questions).
  • Grab-N-Go Info Sessions – Each speaker will have ten to fifteen minutes to illuminate the audience. Be creative and deliver your message succinctly. Q & A will be limited.
  • Specialty Sessions or Workshops – Ninety-minute sessions or half to full day workshops with multiple presenters on a focused dam or levee safety topic.
  • Poster Forum / Lightning Talk – Each accepted presenter prepares a visual representation of his or her topic for the poster forum, which is open during all exhibit hours. Poster presenters also participate in a Lightning Talks event, in which they highlight the topic’s most interesting points in a 3 minute talk.

You will have the opportunity to suggest which type(s) of presentation would most suit your topic on the submittal form. The selection committee will consider preferences, but will assign topics to session formats as appropriate based on the overall scope and length of the conference program.

Selected abstracts will be posted on the ASDSO website and published in a booklet for distribution at the conference. A full proceedings will not be produced, therefore, full written papers are not required. Speakers who elect to write a paper may bring copies to hand out to conference attendees.


Judging Procedures and Deadlines

Abstracts must be submitted on-line by February 5, 2018.

The regional conference organizing committee is responsible for reviewing all submittals and making selections for inclusion in the conference agenda.

Proposals constituting sales pitches for products or services will not be considered.

Selections will be announced on or about March 5, 2018.

Selected abstracts will be posted on the ASDSO website and published in a booklet for distribution at the conference.


How to Submit an Abstract

Before you begin, please see these guidelines on the composition of a successful abstract

Submit your abstract and all required information on the Precis abstract collection site. Speakers who have already created accounts on this site (i.e. for a previous ASDSO paper submittal) can use the same login and password as before. Note: this is not the same login as for the ASDSO Portal.

The submitting/primary author will receive an e-mailed acknowledgment of the receipt of the abstract. Primary authors: Please notify your co-authors when the ASDSO acknowledgment is received.

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