QUEEN - CO02026-3172

Incident ID CO02026-3172
Dam Name QUEEN
Downstream Hazard Potential S
State CO
Incident Date 07/20/2017
Incident Type Non-failure
Incident Driver Seepage/internal Erosion
Incident Mechanism 1 Excessive/increased Seepage
Incident Mechanism 2 Erosion
Incident Mechanism 3
Incident Description Owner observed excessive seepage from outlet works headwall. Lowered reservoir and found 2-ft diameter piping hole in embankment. Owner backfilled hole and called an engineer who reported the incident to a dam safety engineer. reservoir restriction ensued
Named Hydrologic Event
EAP Enacted (Y/N) due to Incident No
Fatalities (Number)
Number of People Evacuated
Number of Habitable Structures Evacuated
Number of Habitable Structures Flooded
Other Infrastructure Impacts
Economic Damages (in $)
Volume released at failure (ac-ft)
Response once regulators notified a storage restriction was implemented
Additional Remarks or Updates Restriction still being enforced. Owner working with engineer to develop a repair plan. Likely including a cut and cover outlet replacement in spring 2019
Incident Time
Incident Duration
Incident Report Produced Yes
Information Sources CO DWR
Owner Type P
Dam Type RE
Primary Purpose(s) FIR
Year Completed 1896
Year Modified 0
Dam Height 25 ft
Max Storage (ac-ft) 32690 ac-ft
Surface Area (acres) 1930 acres
Latitude 38.2717
Longitude -102.636
Regulatory Agency(ies) DWR
NID Number CO02026