LAKE EVANS DAM - GA07150-3342

Incident ID GA07150-3342
Downstream Hazard Potential U
State GA
Incident Date 02/22/2019
Incident Type Non-failure
Incident Driver Deterioration Or Poor Condition
Incident Mechanism 1 Erosion
Incident Mechanism 2
Incident Mechanism 3
Incident Description Program took calls stemming from our 2018 visit to the seriously-eroded dam.
Named Hydrologic Event
EAP Enacted (Y/N) due to Incident No
Fatalities (Number)
Number of People Evacuated Unknown
Number of Habitable Structures Evacuated Unknown
Number of Habitable Structures Flooded Unknown
Other Infrastructure Impacts Unknown
Economic Damages (in $) Unknown
Volume released at failure (ac-ft)
Response Local official asked Program for advice.
Additional Remarks or Updates Program is in process of reclassifying the dam.
Incident Time
Incident Duration
Incident Report Produced Yes
Information Sources GA Safe Dams Program
Owner Type P
Dam Type RE
Primary Purpose(s) R
Year Completed 0
Year Modified 0
Dam Height 25 ft
Max Storage (ac-ft) 25 ac-ft
Surface Area (acres) 2 acres
River Name UNNAMED
Latitude 33.5656
Longitude -84.4239
Regulatory Agency(ies) GA-SAFE DAMS PROGRAM
NID Number GA07150