ECHO LAKE DAM - OH00000-3265

Incident ID OH00000-3265
Downstream Hazard Potential S
State OH
Incident Date 06/08/2018
Incident Type Failure
Incident Driver Hydrologic/flooding
Incident Mechanism 1 Overtopping
Incident Mechanism 2
Incident Mechanism 3
Incident Description The area received 5 inches of rain in less than 6 hours. It appeared that the center of the crest was approximately 1 foot lower than the left and right ends. The original principal spillway was grouted shut and a new spillway was installed between August 2005 and April 2006 based on historical aerial photographs of the dam. The dam had no emergency spillway.
Named Hydrologic Event
EAP Enacted (Y/N) due to Incident No
Fatalities (Number) 1
Number of People Evacuated 0
Number of Habitable Structures Evacuated 0
Number of Habitable Structures Flooded 2
Other Infrastructure Impacts Roads, Railroad
Economic Damages (in $) $100,000 to $500,000
Volume released at failure (ac-ft) 28.6 ac-ft
Response ODSP did not hear about this dam until after the fact. The dam was not inventoried and therefore not inspected by our program. Staff inspected the breached dam and surveyed the damage downstream. A letter was sent to the owner indicating that if the dam were to be reconstructed that a construction permit from our office would be required.
Additional Remarks or Updates 1 Elderly woman was killed. Apparently she left her house to check on her goat and was swept away in the floodwaters. Unknown if this occurred during dam failure or just during flooding event.
Incident Time 7-8 PM
Incident Duration less than 1 day
Incident Report Produced No
Information Sources OH DNR
Owner Type P
Dam Type RE
Primary Purpose(s) R
Year Completed 0
Year Modified 0
Dam Height 22 ft
Max Storage (ac-ft) 28 ac-ft
Surface Area (acres) 2 acres
Latitude 40.4894
Longitude -81.3272
Regulatory Agency(ies) OH DNR
NID Number OH00000