MLSNA - WI00403-3332

Incident ID WI00403-3332
Dam Name MLSNA
Downstream Hazard Potential H
State WI
Incident Date 08/28/2018
Incident Type Failure
Incident Driver Hydrologic/flooding
Incident Mechanism 1 Abutment Failure
Incident Mechanism 2 Erosion
Incident Mechanism 3
Incident Description High flows resulted in breach and failure of auxiliary spillway and abutment
Named Hydrologic Event
EAP Enacted (Y/N) due to Incident Yes
Fatalities (Number) 0
Number of People Evacuated Unknown
Number of Habitable Structures Evacuated Unknown
Number of Habitable Structures Flooded Unknown
Other Infrastructure Impacts Roads, Bridges
Economic Damages (in $)
Volume released at failure (ac-ft)
Additional Remarks or Updates Significant town road, culvert, and bridge damages.  Major streambank, pasture and ag field damages, personal driveways, culverts and fencing. Didn't activate EAP because failure occurred quickly overnight. People were evacuated, numbers unknown. Assuming some wet basements.
Incident Time
Incident Duration 1 day
Incident Report Produced Yes
Information Sources WI DNR
Owner Type L
Dam Type RE
Primary Purpose(s) CD
Year Completed 1956
Year Modified 0
Dam Height 35 ft
Max Storage (ac-ft) 257 ac-ft
Surface Area (acres) 18 acres
Latitude 43.7122
Longitude -90.7524
Regulatory Agency(ies) WIDNR
NID Number WI00403