State Dam Safety Statutes & Regulations

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Act

Puerto Rico Contact

José M. Bermúdez Díaz Acting Chief Division of Dams and Reservoirs PR Electric Power Authority PO Box 364267 San Juan, PR 00936-4267 Email: [email protected] Tel: (787) 521-1048 Fax: (787) 866-1708

State Program Statistics

  • State-regulated dams: 37
  • High hazard potential: 36
  • Significant hazard potential: 0
  • Low hazard potential: 1
  • State dam safety FTE's: 5
  • Total Budget: $230,686
State Map    //   Puerto rico

Image from the National Inventory of Dams (NID) which includes dams more than 25' in height or storing more than 50 acre-ft, or classified as HH or SH potential
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