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Title 2021 ASDSO Annual Conference Proceedings
Organization/Agency Association of State Dam Safety Officials
Publisher Association of State Dam Safety Officials
Year 2021
Date September 12-15, 2021
Event Name Dam Safety 2021 - 38th Annual Conference
Event Location Nashville, Tennessee
Abstract/Additional Information Abstracts or Papers Available Through the Database: * Abstract Only ** Presentation Only Opening General Session – Dam Safety, Beyond Engineering • Welcome (Bill McCormick)** • Tennessee Welcome (David Salyers)** • Managing weather and climate risks: Ensuing opportunities for reducing consequences (Roger S. Pulwarty)** • The Waverly, TN Extreme Rainfall-How Unusual Was This Event and Does it Change PMP (Bill Kappel, Doug Hultstrand)** Concurrent Session 1 - Emergency Management • Next Steps in Emergency Planning: Getting to Know Your First Responders (Stephen Jamieson)* • Effective Emergency Exercise Planning Practices (Alicia Baehr and Kelly Strife) • Edenville Dam Failure – Overview of the Event and Emergency Response (Paul Perri, Troy Naperala, and Dan DeVaun) Concurrent Session 2 - Lessons to Be Learned from Dam Failures Part 1 • Analysis of Forensic Investigation Approaches for Dam Failures and Incidents (Nathaniel Gee, Mark Baker, and Lee Mauney)* • The Next Chapter of (Gregory L. Richards)* • Cause and Consequence of the Fujinuma Dam Failure during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake (Paul Risher)* Concurrent Session 3 - Focus on Construction of Gates and Valves • Efficient Rehabilitation of Five (5) 33 Ton Radial (Tainter) Gates at Eucha Dam, OK (Daniel A Keithline, Jim Umdenstock, and Zach McCall) • Designing for the Underwater Construction of Inlets at Loch Lomond Reservoir (Gregory Reichert, Idit Zarchi, Shawna Von Stockhausen, Mott MacDonald; Isidro Rivera, and Peter Dworetzky) • Early Contractor Involvement And Construction For The Lake Vermilion Dam Tainter Gate Replacement Project (Daylon Hutton, Lewis Rounds, Lance Langer, Charles Johnson, and Robert Indri) Concurrent Session 4 - Hands-On Hydrology • Applying Hydraulic Modeling to Paleoflood Analysis of the Stones River near Nashville, TN (Kevin Dodd) • A Comparison of Deterministic Regional Extreme Precipitation Study PMP Inflow Design Flood with Probabilistic Precipitation for Two High-Elevation Colorado Dams (Cameron Carpenter, Dai Thomas, Vicki Scharnhorst, Mark Perry, Taylor Scott, and Eric Eisinger) Concurrent Session 5 - Low Head Dams - High Impact Programs • How State Dam Safety Officials Can Positively Impact Low head Dam Safety Without Negatively Impact-ing Their Programs (Bill McCormick)* • Effective Partnerships are Critical for Successful Low Head Dam Rehabilitation, A Colorado Case Study (Brian C. McCormick, Ronald Sanchez, Rick Kienitz, Thomas Hankins) • Solutions for Improving Public Safety at Low Head Dams (Paul G. Schweiger)* Concurrent Session 6 - Grab N Go • The One Where all the PFMAs are Virtual - Lessons Learned from Dam Safety Reviews during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Cory Miyamoto, Isabelle Rawlings, Chris Slack, Aimee Corn and Ben Fontana)* • Hydraulic design of a non-traditional outlet works alignment (Nicholas Koutsunis, Jake Allgeier, Adam Connelly, and Dana Moses)* • Rebuilding of Semmes Lake Dam (Kurt A. Heckendorf, Mitchell H. Hall, and Edward F. Dunlop) • Evaluation of Forecast Accuracy for Water Management in the Cumberland River Basin (David Bogema, and Austin Auld) Concurrent Session 7 - Foundation Treatments • Construction of a Deep Slurry Cutoff Wall for the Sacramento River East Levee Program (Louay Owaidat, Tino Maestas, Allan Frappier, Jose Gomez, Daniel Jabbour, and Mark Stanley) • Micropile Underpinning Of The Historic Prairie Du Sac Dam Spillway - Support For The Next 100 Years (Eleanor Bloom and Jerry Krueger) • Increasing Safety of Drilling in Earth Embankment Dams Using a Hybrid Drill Rig for Logan Martin Dam (Eric E Manning, Bobby E. Williams, and Robert Rennie)* Concurrent Session 8 - Case Studies in Hydrology and Hydraulics • Cumberland Levee Failure and Actions to Restore It (David Blackmore, Ephraim (Eaf) Redden, D. Wade Anderson, Clif B. Warren) • Remote Underwater Inspection Technologies For Comprehensive Assessments Of Dam Structures - Case Study Deer Creek Dam (Utah) - Provo River Water Users Association (PRWUA) (Scott Waite and Sam Fankhauser)* • Getting Creative to Reduce the Risk of Hazard Creep (John Petersen and Jake Miriovsky)* General Session • Edenville Dam Failure – Overview of the Event and Emergency Response (John W. France, Jenifer Boyer, Lucas A. Trumble, Paul Risher, and Lee Mauney)** Concurrent Session 9 - Public Safety at Dams: Reducing Consequences Around Dams • Professional, Civic, And Private Partnerships To Improve Public Safety At Low-Head Dams (Brian Crookston, Manuela Johnson, and Rollin H. Hotchkiss)* • Using Deep Learning and Aerial Imagery to Identify Low-Head Dams (Sunandan Chakraborty, Marianne Cardwell, Brian Crookston, Rollin H. Hotchkiss, and Manuela Johnson)* • Signage Around Dams: Leading Practices to Energize Your Public Safety Sign Program (Paul Meeks)* Concurrent Session 10 - Spillway Failure Modes • The Many Ways Spillways Can Contribute to Dam Failures and Incidents (Mark Baker, Dusty Myers, Paul G. Schweiger, Gregory L. Richards, Douglas Johnson and Lee Mauney) • Spillways - Can We Make a Joint Decision? (Amanda L Lopez) • Assessing Uplift at Existing Spillway Chutes in a Post Oroville World (Frederick Lux, Keil Neff, and John Trojanowski)* Concurrent Session 11 - The Truth About Consequences • Understanding and Estimating Indirect Flood Fatalities (Jason Needham, and Jesse Morrill-Winter)* • Sampling HEC-LifeSim results to support risk-informed decisions associated with defining and reducing spillway risk (Andrew Verdin, Keil Neff, and Michelle Meehan) • Uncertainties in Estimating the Potential Life Safety Consequences from Dam Failures (Martin W. McCann, Jr., Bo Andre Lundqvist, Zach Ruby and Brandon Little) Concurrent Session 12 - Creative Solutions to Organic Challenges • A Geosynthetic Solution to Uncooperative Geology at Cabresto Dam (Sushil K. Chaudhary, Charles N. Thompson, Robert J. Huzjak, and J. Doulas Neighbors) • Karst Topography, Excessive Seepage, and Mitigation Design for Robinson Lake Dam Rehabilitation (Zachary P. Mickel, John P. Briand, Stephen L. Whiteside, E. Onur Tastan, David Mason and Paul Holzen) • Flora, Fauna and Embankment Dams (Keith Mills) Concurrent Session 13 - Vulnerability and Risk Analysis • Selecting the Appropriate Risk Analysis Method for Dam Projects (Julie Heitland, Jennifer Williams, and Jason Anderson) • Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis for a Canal Structure (Dean Durkee, Matthew Balven, Thomas Westover, and Mark Zinniker) • Small Dams with A Big Impact - How Risk Informed Decision-Making Helped Inform A Cost-Effective Path Forward for Risk Reduction for A Portfolio of Small Dams (Jonathan Harris, and Peter Hansen) Concurrent Session 14 - The Seismic Session • Simplified Seismic Analysis Procedure for Montana Dams (Leslie F. Harder, Krishnan Athipotta Variam, Christopher Krivanec, Mark Stanley, and Michele Lemieux) • Ghost Hawk Dam Seismic Assessment: Evaluating Seismic Risk on a Low Consequences, Small Dam (Allison Knaak, and Christopher Krage) • Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Procedures for Feather River West Levee System (Leslie F. Harder, Christopher Krivanec, Mark Stanley, Michael Hughes, Richard A. Millet, and Michael Bessette) Concurrent Session 15 - Lessons to Be Learned from Dam Failures Pt 2 • 1911 Dells and Hatfield Dam Failures (Dusty Myers, Jereme Klassy, and Jonathan Pittman)* • Every Tree, House, and Object In Its Path, The Schaeffer Dam Failure (L. Clint Brown, and Dylan Hoehn)* • The 70th Anniversary of Montana’s Vaux Dam Failures (Jonathan Pittman)* • In the Still of the Night: The Failure of South Davis County Reservoir No. 1 (Everett W. Taylor)* • Hurricane Irene (2011) - Ten Years Later (Cory Miyamoto, and Lee Wooten)* Concurrent Session 16 - A Year in the Life of a State Dam Safety Program Part I • The Next Generation of Hydrologic Design Guidelines for New Mexico Dams (Amanda Hess, Gregory L. Richards, Seth Thompson, Paul G. Schweiger, Charles Thompson, David Heber, Bud Brock, and James Head) • The Worst Fire Season in Colorado History: Its Impact on Dams (Kallie Bauer, Dana Miller, and Jackie Blumberg) • We’re Never Getting a “I never heard from you!” Lecture Again!!!! (Jill Stewart, John McCain, and Chuck Owens)* Concurrent Session 17 - Raining on Tuesday • Quantification of Uncertainty Related to PMP Parameters (Bill Kappel and Doug Hultstrand) • Hoopes Dam: Using Site-Specific Meteorological Studies to Refine Dam Safety Design for a Small Watershed [Jeff Blass, Scott Jones, and Matt Demo) • Evaluation of Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts for Water Management in the Cumberland River Basin [David Bogema, and Gabriel Wagner) Concurrent Session 18 - Stand by Your Data • Data Management and Delivery for Dam Safety Modifications: Effective Design and Implementation to Deliver Real-time Engineering Verifications and Construction Quality Management (Laurel E. Robison, Jessica S. Hinton-Buffaloe, and Georgette Hlepas) • A Comprehensive Construction Data Management Program for the Center Hill Dam Auxiliary Reinforcing Berm (Jessica Hinton-Buffaloe and Mark Elson) • Using 3D Virtual Models to Optimize Dam Rehabilitation Planning and Design (Nicole Mathis, Frederic Snider, and J. Hawkins Gagnon)* Concurrent Session 19 – Dam Safety Career Panel • Dam Safety Career Panel 2021- A panel of Dam Safety Professionals discuss their career, what they did right, wrong and the lessons learned from both. (Nathaniel Gee, Brian Crookston, Jennifer Dodd, Eric Halpin, John Roche, Steve Verigin, and Jennifer Williams) Concurrent Session 20 - Drilling and Subsurface Exploration • Subsurface Exploration and Foundation Design of the Center Hill Dam RCC Berm (Mark S. Elson)* • Site Characterization - The Dam Key To Success (Justin Stoeber)* • Challenging Geologic Investigations for the First Large New Dam in 21st Century California (David T. Simpson) Concurrent Session 21 - Blue Ribbon Case Studies • Tilting Floodwalls in Covington, Kentucky (Terry M. Sullivan) • Talk About Your Hands Stuck (Chris Goodwin)* Concurrent Session 22 - Hydrologic Analysis • Stochastic Weather Generation for Hydrologic Analysis for Critical Design Infrastructure (Doug Hultstrand, Bill Kappel, Kristi Steinhilber, and Peter Campbell) • Variation of the NRCS Peak Rate Factor Within a Watershed (Michael Horst) • Monitoring Spillway Lift Joints for Modified Loading (William Stiller, and Bradley T. Keaton) Concurrent Session 23 - Dam Safety • Rapid risk screening tools to support risk quantification at portfolio scales (Jonathan Quebbeman, Shaun Carney, and Katie van Werkhoven)* • Before the Breach: Programmatic Dam Failure Modeling in Georgia (Patrick Miles, Tom Woosley, P.E., and David Griffin) • Utilizing Scanning and UAV Technologies in Small Dam Operations and Monitoring [Boris E. Slogar, and David G. Lautenschleger) Concurrent Session 24 - Slightly Related Papers That Mostly Intersect At Dam Security • Public Dissemination of USACE Inundation Maps and Risk Information (Rebecca Ragon, Michelle Carey, and Amanda Sutter)* • Dam Disaster in World War II - Destruction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station in 1941 [Cory Miyamoto, and Gregory L. Richards)* Concurrent Session 26 - You, Me & CFD • Designing or Evaluating a Spillway? The Approach Matters! (Benjamin Israel-Devadason, Seth D. Thompson, and Paul G. Schweiger) • Evaluation of Step Edge Geometry on Energy Dissipation of Stepped Chutes: An Informative Comparison (Dana W Moses, Brian Crookston, and Christopher Thornton) • A case study for using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to support labyrinth spillway design at Hingham Dam, Sheboygan County, WI. (Adam Schneider, and Matthew Hickox)* Concurrent Session 27 - Foundation Grouting • Permeation Grouting at Stafford Dams #3 and #4 - Lessons Learned from Procurement to Completion (David R. Caouette, and James Myers) • 3D Visual Dam Grouting Modeling (Brian Irsch)* • Understanding Modern Dam Foundation Grouting and Cutoff Wall Fundamentals, A Place To Start (Robert Waddell, and Cyril Bou-Sleiman) Concurrent Session 28 - Risk Communication • Fake vs. Fact: The Power of Social Media During a Dam Crisis (Jes Gearing)* • Coordinated and Effective Planning for Dam-Related Emergencies - The Dam Owner’s Perspective (Preston Wilson, Bill White)* • Dam Safety Engineers Need Business Understanding With New ODSP Audit Requirements (Nicholas M. Ciomei, and Russ Sanford) Concurrent Session 29 - A Year in the Life of a State Dam Safety Program Part 2 • Leveraging the University Connection - How Dam Safety Programs Can Find Valuable Partners in Innovation Right in Their Own Backyards (John M. McCain, Richard Matthews, Alexander Loaiza, Harrison Prickett, and Richard Marini)* • Missouri’s Regulated Dam Inventory: Lessons Learned (Ryan P. Stack, and Joseph P. Wilson) • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Dam Hazard Screenings: Evaluations to As-sess Hazard Creep and Drive Risk-Informed Prioritization of Funding (David M. Railsback, Zachary Baum, and Jennifer Everleth) Concurrent Session 30 - Innovations that Work • New Emerging Fiber Optic Sensor Technologies for Levee and Dam, Predictive Maintenance, Safety, and Security Applications (Terry Tamutus and Laval Tamutus) • Field Compaction of Silty Sand Tailings (Elliott Drumright, Lisa Yenne, Ronald Hickman) • Challenges of Managing Risk for Tailings Dams Under a Water Dam Regulatory Framework (Lucas deMelo, Michael F. Houlihan, Joseph R. Kula, and David Williams) Concurrent Session 31 - Geophysics Terrain, Tools and Techniques • The Application of Geophysics in a Karst Terrain for Designing Geotechnical Investigations (A Bruce Rogers)* • Insights into Spillway Condition Assessments Using Destructive and Nondestructive Techniques (Amir Abdolahzadeh, Robert K. Green, and Theodore B. Feldsher)* • Project Rx | How State-of-the Art Geophysical Tools Determined Project Limits and Reduced Geological Uncertainty (John P. Clark, Dan O’Connell, Vicki J. Scharnhorst, Jamey Turner, Will Levandowski, and Michelle Franke) Concurrent Session 32 - Lessons to Be Learned from Dam Failures Pt 3 • 1971 Failure of Lower San Fernando Dam, CA (Keith A. Ferguson, and Lee Wooten) • Bayless Dam Failure: A Perfect Storm of Flawed Judgments and Decisions (Robert A. Kline) Concurrent Session 33 – Focus on the National Levee Safety Program • Alignment of the National Levee Safety Program and National Dam Safety Program by USACE & FEMA (Tammy Conforti, Phoebe Percell, James Demby, and Suzanne Vermeer)* Concurrent Session 34 - The Erosion Experts • Unlined Rock Spillway Erodibility Analysis using Block Theory, High-Resolution Remote Sensing Data, and a 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Model (Michael George, Cole Christiansen, Ariel Rickel, and Benjamin Israel-Devadason)* • Even well maintained earthen grass-lined spillways may not withstand significant storm events (Michael Chilson, and Bernie Auld)** Concurrent Session 35 - The Stability Geniuses • Stability Analysis of a 150-year-old Embankment Dam (Pedram Bemani, Mital Patel, Theodore Feldsher, Olivia Davis, Mike Onnen, and Susan Hou) • Pickwick Landing Dam South Embankment Seismic Upgrade Project (Jim Nickerson, Bernie Auld, W. Brant Rutledge, Ellen Money, Quincy Anderson)* • Insights into Rapid Drawdown Rate and Stability from Infinite Slope Analysis (Daniel R. VandenBerge, and Prince Turkson) Concurrent Session 36 – Developing a Technical Knowledge Base for Dam Safety Professionals • Developing a Technical Knowledge Base for Dam Safety Professionals (Jeremy Franz) Concurrent Session 37 - Advancements in Inundation and Evacuation Processes • Are Inundation Maps Good Enough Anymore? (Paul Shannon, and Duncan Gatenbee)* • Utilizing HEC-LifeSim to Inform Evacuation Planning (Stephanie Owen, Woodrow Fields, and Jason Needham) • How Important is High Resolution Surface Data in a Dam Failure Model? (Jordan Thole)* Concurrent Session 38 - More Blue-Ribbon Rehabilitation Case Studies • Brighton Dam Rehabilitation (Eric Wenz, Robert Pinciotti, and G. Michael McIntyre)* • Woodhaven Dam Phase II Rehabilitation “Yes, Looks Matter” (Robert Pinciotti and Brian Hall) • Recognizing the End of Useful Life on a Slab and Buttress Dam (Travis L Ford, David Hernandez, and Dmitriy Kats) Poster-Lightning Talks • A Cost-Effective Approach to Remediating a Small Concrete Dam (John P. Osterle, A. Hans Hasnay, and Allan Estivalet)* • Climate Change, Water Levels, and Dam Safety: Post Failure Analysis of Two Michigan Dams (Sanjeeta Neupane Ghimire, and Joseph Schulenberg)* • Concrete Assessment using Non-Destructive Testing: New Technology (William A Horne)* • Detecting Levee Erosion in Near Real-Time (Tom Ogden, and Richard Marck)* • Field and meter-scale application of MICP to enhance resilience of flood defense structures (Pegah Ghasemi and Brina M. Montoya) • Flood-Control Dams of this Magnitude are Not Built Everyday Key Considerations for Design (David Hayson, and Kyle Blakley) • Painting the Full Picture: Combining Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Services Benefits for Dam Projects (Christi Fisher, Zachary Herrmann, and Katherine Sharpe) • Probable Maximum Flood Conditions and Estimations (Emma Lyon)* • Proactive Assessments Leads To Effective Resolutions Of Dam Safety Concerns (T. Craig Barnett, Bryan A. Robbins, and Gregory A. Yankey) • Seepage flow path identification for leakage detection and asset management at Belo Monte Dam in Brazil (Patrick Pires, Ryan Blanchard, Michael Jessop, and Val O. Kofoed)* On-Demand Presentations • 20 Years of Dam Rehab - How We Made It Work in Virginia (Mathew Lyons)* • A Tale of Two Models: A Comparison of Physical and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Models for Boiling Springs Site 1 Dam Rehabilitation Project (Sherry L. Hunt, Kem C. Kadavy, Chris Stoner, Valerie Glasgow, Colin Young, and Tony Grubbs)* • Assessment of the SCS Watershed Model Using Data from the ARS Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed, Tombstone AZ (Atiq Syed) • Belci Dam Failure 1991 (Eric Gross, Paul Kokoszka, and Teodor Strat)* • Benefits of 3D Seepage Modeling with Unique Geotechnical Considerations (Chris J. Redell)* • Best Practices for Conducting Virtual Exercises (Ben Claggett) • Boltz Lake Dam, Kentucky - Successfully Using FEMA High Hazard Potential Dams (HHPD) Grant Program Funds to Identify and Mitigate Risk (Michelle Meehan, Elliot Magoto, Carey Johnson and Glen Alexander)* • Dam Safety Signage Guidance - Promoting Public Awareness and Preventing Loss of Life and Property (Diana Castro, James Demby, and Gokhan Inci)* • Disrupting the Attack Planning Cycle: What can you do? Security practices in the Dams Sector (Kate Schwartzer, Michelle Yezierski, Jeffrey Evans, and Angelino Ferreira) • Emergency Intervention Templates for Dam Incidents - What Actions to Take During an Emergency (Diana Castro, James Demby, and Gokhan Inci)* • Evaluation of Becker Penetration Test (BPT) Induced Vibration (Tianfei Liao, B. Philip Shull, and Alex Rutledge) • Greenbrier State Park Dam - Not Your Average Walk In The Park (Wesley Hollenbach, G. Michael McIntyre, John Roche)* • Incorporating Regional Rainfall-Frequency into Flood Frequency using RMC-RRFT and RMC-BestFit (Allen Avance, Mikaela Mahoney, and Cole Haden Smith) • Intelligent Wireless Remote Condition Monitoring for Dams (Poster-Lightning Talk) (Simon Brightwell, and Chris Gairns)* • Influence of Sensitivity and Rate of Strength Loss on Seismic Deformations of a Levee (Tyler J. Oathes, Ross W. Boulanger, and Steven Friesen) • Levee Operation & Maintenance: Risk Reduction at a Dynamic Site 1959 to Today (Poster-Lightning Talk) (Benjamin D. Girtain-Plowe)* • Low-head Dam Safety and Engineering Education (Kenneth R. Wright)* • Modeling reservoir waves generated by seismic events using CFD (Bryan Heiner)* • Potential Failure Modes Analysis, a Dam Owner’s Perspective (Poster-Lightning Talk) (Stephen Kinsley) • Risk Analytics for Dam Monitoring: Changes in Millimetres and Moisture using Geospatial AI (Poster-Lightning Talk) (Camilla Braithwaite)* • Safety assessment of the Jucazinho RCC dam in Brazil: an investigation considering intraplate seismicity (Windson Bezerra de Aguiar, Natália Santos Aquino de Araújo, and Paulo Marcelo Vieira Ribeiro) • The 1981 upstream slope failure at B.F. Sisk Dam: Narrative, cause, and remediation of a dam safety incident at one of California’s largest reservoirs (David R Gillette, and Dom Galic)* • Seminary Hill Reservoir Failure, Centralia WA, 1991 (Douglas L. Johnson) • Site-Specific Seismic Hazard Analysis for Two Dams in Washington Utilizing NGA-Subduction Ground Motion Models (Mark Dober, and Roger Raeburn)* • Spillway Rehabilitation of a SW Idaho Dam (Manuel Rauhut)* • Super Powered Flow! Characterization Of Hydraulic Erosion Capacity For A Concrete Lined Spillway (Carolyn Pearson, and Dana Moses) • Tailings dams under the quantum microscope of public awareness (Charles F. Cobb, Mike Henderson, and Sarah Shoemaker) • The Reservoir #2 Story - Over a Decade of Service (Carlyn O’Reilly, Gary Wantland, and Shalina Odegard)* • The Story of a 1981 Tailings Dam Failure in Ages, Kentucky (Rachel Barrows, Ben Webster, and Jon Keeling) • Using Dynamic Physical Modeling To Evaluate Unbalanced Emergency Closures Of A Bulkhead Gate & Hoist System (Josh Mortensen) • What The Slab?! Risk Assessment of Erosion-based Failure Mode for a Concrete Lined Spillway (Justin T. Pearce, Casey A. Cummins, Andrew D. Hill, Carolyn J. Pearson, Ross N. Wright, and Coty E. Young)
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