Additional Public Safety Resources

Papers, Reports and Studies
Hidden Dangers and Public Safety at Low-Head Dams -  Bruce A. Tschantz and Kenneth R. Wright
What We Know (and don't know) About Low-Head Dams -  Bruce A. Tschantz
Public Safety Around Dams - Canadian Dam Association
Lesson Learned: Dam owners, engineers and regulators need to address public safety at dams - ASDSO Dam Failures Website
Lesson Learned: Hazardous hydraulic conditions, such as hydraulic rollers, can occur at dams of all sizes - ASDSO Dam Failures Website
National Strategy to Address Public Safety Around Dams - Issue Paper
The 'Killer in Our River' - Understanding Safety Around Dams - Article, ASDSO

Videos and Animations
Identifying Hazards and Improving Public Safety at Low Head Dams - ASDSO Webinar (Bruce A. Tschantz and Paul G. Schweiger)
Dangers of Low-Head Dams - "Boat Indiana" animation
Low Head Dam Signage and Outreach - Examples throughout the U.S. and Canada - Indiana Silver Jackets Low Head Dams Committee
Over, Under, Gone - The Killer in Our Rivers - Indiana Silver Jackets Low Head Dams Committee
Be a Dam Champion - Indiana Silver Jackets, video featuring American Drag Racer Leah Pritchett
Hydraulic Jump Over a Weir - Little River Research and Design

Staying Safe Around Dams
Stay Afloat" Flood Awareness Campaign Children's Activity Book - Indiana Department of Homeland Security (includes a page on safety at low-head dams)
Low Head Dams - Information for the Public - Iowa DNR
The Drowning Machine - Minnesota DNR
Dam Site Safety - Wisconsin Public Service

Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams - Canadian Dam Association
Safety Signage at Hydropower Projects - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Low Head Dam Signage and Outreach - Indiana Silver Jackets Low Head Dams Committee
Nationwide Permit 53. Removal of Low-Head Dams - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Frequently Asked Questions on Removal of Obsolete Dams  - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

American Whitewater Accident Database (Scroll down the page for the search menu.)
Locations of Fatalities at Submerged Hydraulic Jumps- Brigham Young University
Low Head Dam Inventory and Fatality Data - Bruce Tschantz
Indiana 'Where to Paddle" Map

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