On Wednesday, Oct. 20, The Hill published the opinion piece, “A dam good idea — making a lasting difference by investing in the infrastructure of our dams,” by Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) and Rep. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.). 

Thanks to the communication efforts of the Uncommon Dialogue Coalition, a growing number of lawmakers, including Hassan and Kuster, are recognizing the importance of dams and dam safety and the need for federal leadership. ASDSO has played an integral part in representing the dam safety community as a member of the coalition. 

The piece highlights some of the federal efforts being supported by the coalition, including the bipartisan infrastructure package and the Twenty-First Century Dams Act. Both will significantly increase the nation’s investment in dam infrastructure and provide funding for repairs for hundreds of critical aging and deficient dams, the development of emergency action plans, and the inspection of high- and significant-hazard potential dams that have been ignored for years. 

In addition, funding supports the removal of outdated and unsafe dams and the retrofitting of existing dams for hydropower generation. Through this multifaceted approach, dams can be used as a tool for combating climate change while balancing important environmental and public safety concerns. 

Hassan and Kuster said, “Right now, through investing in the infrastructure of our dams, Congress has an opportunity to make a real and lasting difference.” 

We encourage you to join ASDSO and the Uncommon Dialogue in supporting these efforts.