Student Paper Competition

ASDSO invites students to submit papers on dam and levee safety. Topics may include traditional areas of design engineering, structural and geotechnical analysis, hydrology, hydraulics, construction, risk management and hazard mitigation, emergency action planning, dam security, and policy.

Please note - The 2018 student paper competition is now closed.  

2017 Student Paper Competition Winners

Graduate Winner
Effect of Microbial Induced Calcium Carbonate Precipitation on the Performance of Ponded Coal Ash
Shahin Safavizadeh, North Carolina State University
Co-authors: Brina M. Montoya, Assistant Professor; and Mohammed A. Gabr, Professor, North Carolina State University

Undergraduate Winner
Geotechnical Evaluations of a Tailings Dam for Use by a Molybdenum and Copper Mine Project in Southern Idaho
Thomas Robbins, Boise State University
Co-author: Bhaskar C.S. Chittoori, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor, Boise State University

Award History

2016 Emily Reed, Tennessee Technological University; Yi Tyan Tsai, University of California Los Angeles
2015 Alexander P. Sturm, University of California – Davis; Ali Asghari Tabrizi, University of South Carolina; Lourdes Polanco-Boulware, Utah State University
2014 Daniel VandenBerge, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Beena Ajmera, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Laura Ferre, University of Colorado-Denver
2013 Natalie A. Youngblood, Colorado State University; Lourdes Polanco, Utah State University; Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf, and Nowfel Mahmud Bhuyian, Tennessee Technological University
2012 Sittinan Benjasupattananan, University of Delaware; Wyatt Jenkins, University of Missouri; Kevin Cook, Kristin Pesman, Katrina Schwab, James Shannon, and Justin Milne, Seattle University
2011 Christopher Sandt, University of North Carolina; Mishelle Shriro and Diego Cobos-Roa, UC-Berkeley; Mahdi Khalilzad, North Carolina State University
2010 Benjamin Skousen, University of Utah; Lourdes Polanco, Utah State University
2009 Rachael Bisnett, Purdue University; David Judi, University of Utah; Abouzar Sadrekarimi, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
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